The official Nerdminer pool site

Build device

Assemble your Nerdminer (see guide on Github) or get one from bitronics.store

Flash firmware

Head over to flasher.bitronics.store to flash the latest firmware

Setup pool

Configure your Nerdminer to point to our BTC solo pool at pool.nerdminers.org:3333

Hit a Block and Win!

Support our mission to hit a block with a Nerdminer on mainnet

Pool Status

User Status

How to participate

No frills. No fees. No fuss. Join our new solo mining pool and try to hit a block on BTC mainnet with your Nerdminer!

No fees

No pool fees for Nerdminers. Full block rewards will go to your BTC address.

Pool URL

Configure your Nerdminer to use pool.nerdminers.org:3333 as pool address and port.

BTC address

Enter your BTC address you want to mine to. This will be used for the coinbase transaction (the block reward) in case you mine a block.

Worker name

Set a unique worker name by appending a dot (".") after the BTC address. This may contain dashes or underscores but NO WHITESPACES!

Frequently Asked Questions